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NaviVerse is a high-tier NFT with the in-depth study of Formosa history during the Age of Golden Sail in 1624. These characters are inspired from the upcoming animation "Taiwan Trilogy", directed by Taiwanese award-winning director, Wei Te-Shen.

魏德聖導演及其團隊透過歷史故事與音樂及元宇宙體驗「豐盛奇航NaviVerse -神秘的船票 NFT」重回400年前大航海貿易時代,打造一個用歷史與文化建構虛實相融的元宇宙。


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帶你穿越時空回到 NaviVerse 的黃金時代。

NFT 元素包括船員角色、配樂和 3D XR 船艙,

帶著這份珍貴的 NFT,踏上秘寶之旅。

When Christopher Columbus discovered the New World of the Americas; when Vasco da Gama opened a sea route from Europe to the East; and when Magellan accomplished the first circumnavigation of the globe; They all participated in the most critical moment in human history -- The Golden Age of Sail.  – In 2022, the ancient sailboat is mooring in front of you.  It attempts to take you back through time and space to the Golden Age of NaviVerse. The NFT elements include crew characters, soundtracks and 3D XR cabin. Take this precious NFT and embark on a journey with secret treasures.

NaviVerse Story



NaviVerse Released! 8160 freedom-loving partners started planning this Web 3.0 exploration adventure together.


NaviVerse holder verify access to their cabin to unlock. Each Navi friend can organize their own cabin and begin to enter the metaverse of their own creation.


There's going to be a screening facility on the ship, and whenever you come on board, everyone in the cabin will be part of the movie production process, and there will be lots of celebrities on deck to talk about movies and stories.


 In the future, a sharing circle will be formed on this ship, in which we will also allocate fixed fees to public welfare organizations and give back to the society.



Wei Te-Sheng

Art Team - Directed by the Golden Horse Award films "Cape No. 7", "Seediq Bale ", "KANO", "Formosa Wonderland " and other multi-billion-dollar box office directors.


Chris Hou
+ Ampai AI Music

Music Team - Chris Hou  + Ampai AI  Music
Melody: Ampai AI music, with powerful AI technology, can produce complete copyrighted melodies.Arranger: Chris Hou  directed by the Golden Horse Award,who wrote  "Our Times", "Tiny Times 1" ",  "Café·Waiting·Love" and many other popular TV movie theme songs.


OSENSE space

3D/XR team-OSENSE, XR's cutting-edge visual perception technology leads the world, pioneered the modeling of Metaverse ancient sailboats, and worked together to create a grand voyage plan .



The distribution team - NFTBoard, will establish the global NFT notice website of in 2021, research global NFT projects, providing multiple application planning and blockchain innovation solutions.

未命名設計 (34).png

The Z Institute

- The Z Institute Founder
- Security auditor of multiple DeFi projects, one of which has a one billion USD TVL.
- UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab's invited scholar and technical mentor


Q1:How many roles are there? 

A:4 types, including 3 males and 1 female .

Q2:How many types of tickets are there? 

A: 5 kinds, namely black, blue, green, red, purple .

Q3:How many types of cabins are there in the 3D cabin?

A:3 types, with different sizes. 

Q4:Can other props be purchased in the cabin? 

A: In the future, special props available for purchase. There will also be airdrops from time to time. 

Q5:Are the character theme songs different?

A:The character theme song will have different music for different expressions. 

Q6:Can the acquired music holder do any secondary creation or use?

A: Holding this ticket is equivalent to holding the theme song of this character, and we support anyone to create and use it. 

Q7:Will there be other surprises? 

A:For special events relating to the film industry, ticket holders will enjoy exclusive experiences to be announced later.

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